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..Talking with Plastic Surgeons about loco regional anaesthesia we were discussing about post operative pain, wounds, scars and problems arising from surgical operation.
A new challenge for our R&D : to develop dermatological products able to be really effective and to be easily managed by patients too (registration like Cosmetics accordingly to Reg. n. 1223/2009EEC).

Mission accomplished !

The capacity of Research and Development Lab Director (Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Technologies Doctor, 30 years experience in cosmeceutical formulations) to daily renew in his research the enthusiastic approach for a constant best quality of his formulation, immediately involved internal Lab Technicians, Marketing staff, Sales team and, definitively, the consumers!

The different Q1 Health&Cosmetic products are dedicated to consumers who firmly request an effective product more than an even very charming advertising.

This is the reason why Q1 first validates its formulas by medical / hospital use and only then verify the product registration as cosmetic (free sales category).  


 “When a formula is effective on a wound, it will be for sure effective on a simple wrinkle!”


  • Q-White : per le macchie della pelle
    Q-White : per le macchie della pelle
  • Q-Derm :dermo rigenerazione
    Q-Derm :dermo rigenerazione
  • Q-Active : decongestionante, lenitiva, rinfrescante
    Q-Active : decongestionante, lenitiva, rinfrescante