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Q-FLORA is a food supplement indicated in rebalancing and reinforcing the intestinal flora caused by unbalanced diet , antibiotic therapies and functional disorders.
It helps maintaining the integrity of the intestinal mucosa in case of intestinal dismicrobism and, due to its probiotic effects , it rebalances the bacterial flora.

LACOTBACILLUS CLAUSII ... the most sold probiotics worldwide !

fermenti lattici bacillus clausii fiale4  fermenti lattici bacillus clausii fiale3

Q-FLORA is highly recommended whenever a bacterial flora alteration is taking place. Particularly:

  • antibiotic therapy 
  • influenza syndrome
  • extensive travels - food disorders
  • Reduced intake of dietary fiber
  • stress

The intestinal flora is composed of healthy bacteria producing lactic acid and preventing the pathogenic microorganisms to develop and create disturbances.
The bacterial flora performs many important functions:

  • Production of essential vitamins and enzymes that help the digestive process
  • Help the intestinal transit (by retaining water so that stool is kept soft, hence avoiding constipation)
  • Stimulation of the immune system (80% of the cells of the immune system reside in the gut) as the latter is a potential "front door" in the body of many pathogens.

Proper intestinal flora is therefore important to maintain a healthy condition. It should therefore be reset by taking live cultures in case of alteration that can occur with bowel disorders, indigestion, bloating and abdominal, skin impurities and other issues related to the wellbeing of the skin.

The benefits of Q-Flora in terms of recovery of the bacterial flora are guaranteed both by the ability to form new viable strains (rebalancing the existing population) and to support the vitality of the intestinal mucosa. Furthermore, the B. Cluasii is resistant to antibiotics and can be used successfully also during antibiotic therapy. The spores form, particularly resistant to harshly environment permits to B. clausii to transit undamaged the acidic gastric environment and to reach the intestine where a friendly environment can cause again the vegetative form.

Q-FLORA contains 2 or 4 billions spores of Bacillus clausii.

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